Päivän mietelause "I am seeing all the guys, like Earnie Shavers, Tex Cobb, and Larry Holmes all the time."
(Gerry Cooney)

The nuttiest fighter of all time (by Jeff Ryan)

"Jorge Paez: The winner, gloves down.
The Mexican madman´s repertoire of silliness has included breakdancing on his head in ring-center, doing a celebratory handstand on turnbuckle, grabbing and kissing a round-girl between rounds, riding a unicycle to a weigh-in, entertaining fans in a hotel lobby by sticking push pins through his skin, wearing trunks looked like the stage curtain in a Las Vegas showroom, having everything from an anti-drugs message to "IBF" shaved in his hair, and whacking himself in the face repeatedly before hitting his rival (a move ABC analyst Alex Wallau called a "Three Stooges punching combination.")" (Jeff Ryan, Grant them Asylum, The Ring, April 1998)