Päivän mietelause "Ja kun mielessä painavat huolet niin helpottaa vasta kun kuolet. Tai ehkäpä sittenkään ei...." (Leevi And The Leavings - Lumettoman talven tarinoita)




Ironmistressin Rauno Räsäsen blogissa esittämien linkkien kautta löysin alla olevan tekstin:


I could see that none of the others in the realm were aware of God's presence. The man cowering next to me could see that I was focused on something, but it was apparent that he couldn't see anything beyond the barrier. Others continued to babble unaware.

Then God spoke to me. His words were excruciating:

"Is this what you really want? Don't you know that this is the worst thing you could have done?"

I could feel his anger and frustration, both because I'd thrown in the towel and because I had cut myself off from him and from his guidance.

And I'd felt trapped. I had been able to see no other choice but to die before I could do any more damage in life. So I answered:

"But my life is so hard."

My thoughts were communicated so fast that they weren't even completed before I absorbed his response: 

"You think that was hard? It is nothing compared to what awaits you if you take your life."